Classical Concerts


A concert of classical music will certainly create a special emotional mood for anyone who has even visited this event for the first time. The secret is in the sound that is time-tested.

Previously, only works from the 17th-19th centuries were considered classical music. During this period, strict principles of composing music arise. The main one is following the laws of harmony. Symphony concerts of classical music also hail from this era. Composers create symphonies that are attributed to high genres of art. The piano becomes the most important instrument for composers and soloists in the orchestra.

Later, the concept of "classic" began to be applied to everything that is an example. Therefore, today no one is surprised by a concert of modern classical music, because talented creators exist in our time.

Want to listen to a professional piano performance, attend a classical music concert in Moscow? The best concerts can be watched for free online on our website. High-quality broadcasts will not leave indifferent connoisseurs and amateurs. Follow the posters on the site.



Regular listeners of symphonic concerts of classical music are not surprised by the variety of musical instruments that create harmony and unity of sound. But nevertheless, a concert of classical music acquires a special sound when it solo the piano.

This instrument comes from the era of classicism. Back in the 17th century, the Italian master Christophori developed its mechanics, which the followers finalized to perfection. And composers instantly appreciated creating polyphonic compositions for piano and orchestra.

Concerts of modern classical music also include compositions in which there are parts for this magnificent instrument. You can listen to the best concerts for free on our website.

As a rule, the most famous performers organize classical music concerts in Moscow. If it is not possible to attend the hall, you can watch online on our website. The poster posted by us will provide all the necessary information about the event. You just have to turn on the broadcast on time and enjoy.


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