The best classical music

The best classical music immerses the listener in a fantastic world of illusions, in which the conditional boundaries of eras and centuries are erased, words become unnecessary, feelings are aggravated and new beautiful thoughts are born. The human soul is filled with harmony and content of the most important and significant, the best feelings are exposed, the transformation of consciousness and purification take place.

Today, the popular classic for children is a source of real knowledge, which, like an invisible teacher, sets up the subtle soul of a child in harmony with the outside world and reveals the truth to him. The first acquaintance with real classics takes place in the theater of a young audience.

Famous classical music is performed in operas, ballets, theatrical productions, symphony orchestras. Classical music concert, where the most famous performers play the best works for the soul, come sincere admirers of classical music in good quality, true connoisseurs of musical art.

The inspiration that Russian classical music gives remains in the memory for a long time, reviving the subtle strings of the soul of everyone who came into contact with it. Beautiful music fills the soul with pure light, vivid sensations and impressions.

The popularity of Russian classical music is due to the high level of its sensuality. The versatility of motives and overflows of notes, causing conflicting feelings, makes you worry, rejoice and even cry with happiness.

You can listen to the best works of classical music in good quality at the Russian opera or at concerts of symphonic music. Famous performers of beautiful lyrical and psychological music surprise with a range of emotional richness and national color. Russian works of musical classics are awarded with high awards at international competitions and festivals. The most popular are Russian classical music concerts in Vienna, France, Italy, Greece.

At international competitions for children, our young performers flawlessly play the best classical music, striking those present with its sophistication and diversity of feelings. In the music of Russian composers, a special role is given to beautiful romances for the soul, which make up the bulk of Russian symphony orchestras. In the 19th century, the first concert of famous classical music, which became the cultural tradition of the Russian Empire, took place in the hall of the Noble Assembly.


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