Neoclassicism, as a phenomenon in music, appeared in the 20th century during the development of such modern musical trends as rock, jazz, blues, folk and others. Neoclassicism was born as a symbiosis of pop, rock, electronic music and classics. The harmonious combination of several musical genres has given rise to a new perception of classical opera or symphony. The familiar classical melody sounded differently, magically acting on the psyche of the listener and plunging him into the subtle world of feelings and images.
The popularity of neoclassicism in modern processing is due to the creative desires of composers who wished to create new masterpieces based on well-known musical classical works that sound simple and at the same time bewitching.
Modern neoclassicism is a reflection of a new era in music that originated during the period of scientific and technological development. Instrumental and technical capabilities allow composers to combine gentle piano melodies with the sounds of falling rain or the sound of foam waves.


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Fascinating music immerses in a world of fantasies and illusions, creating a new level of high and subtle knowledge of the facets of one’s own soul.

The best neoclassic is music of purification and immersion in sensations, where each person can find his own way of calming and transforming consciousness. Every year, more and more composers are inspired by the idea of composing new neoclassical works, which you can listen to online for free or download in torrent. It is difficult to appreciate the whole role of modern neoclassicism in real time. It is thought that only from the perspective of future centuries will our descendants be able to understand its role and mission for the transformation of society.


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