Popular classics in a modern twist

Popular classics are the basis for the creativity of many modern musicians. With the development of digital technology, musical classics in modern processing have appeared in the world. Famous tunes of the great Renaissance composers sounded in rock, jazz or blues styles. Electronic versions of concerts of modern classics can be watched by video or listen online.

The best classical concerts are annually held in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The poster of the concerts of musical classics is published on the websites of classical music, cultural public organizations and channels of the Ministry of Culture. Classical music is often played on music television channels and in programs dedicated to cultural development. However, in the modern world, classical orchestras and concerts that sound in a stylized electronic processing are very popular.

Concerts of contemporary classical music are also held at international festivals and competitions. Theatrical commercial shows, as the most popular type of stage classics, gain great popularity. Therefore, musical classics ceases to be predictable and enters a new level of creative possibilities.


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