Classic in a modern twist

Russian musical classics appeared in the Renaissance at the turn of the 18-19 centuries. The heyday of musical culture and art gave the world famous Russian composers who glorified Russia and left us with the works of the best musical classics: marches, symphonies, concerts, rhapsodies, sonatas.

Classics of Russian academic music give accurate musical images, give inspiration and soulful search, fill the soul with light and lyrical mood. The first concerts of the symphony orchestra in Russia appeared in state philharmonic societies and were the cultural musical foundation of the state and spiritual cultural education.

Modern classics developed in the world in the 20th century and changed with the development of new electronic technologies. Non-standard sounds of works by Russian classics appeared, compositions of classical music in electronic processing arose. Speakers and digital processing have transformed the classics of music into a new genre of musical art. Classics in modern processing sometimes sound rhythmically or unusually melodic. A stylized classic has appeared - music for the soul and harmony, which can be listened to or downloaded online.


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