Listen to modern classics.

Listening to the classics, as a rule, means joining in high art. It really is. Classical music is classified as an elite culture. This does not mean that it is accessible only to the upper strata of society. It's about the quality of the essay and the goals of the author who creates it.

Representatives of elite art are professionals who seek to express their thoughts, feelings, find a response in the hearts of like-minded people. Therefore, we love listening to the classics for the soul. Self-expression, not enrichment, is the goal of high art. The best classics in music is characterized by this very feature.

Composers work on content and form, move art forward. To understand it, students also need to develop, learn. This seems too complicated for some, and they are not trying to discover this world.

Our advice is to start with modern classics or classics in a modern twist. Get to know Russian classics, the traditions of which are consonant with our time.

On this site you can listen to the best of world-class works for free and in good quality online.


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